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A Stroke of Faith


My name is Mark Moore and I’ve started this blog so that I could share some incredible stories with you. As crazy as this might sound, I’m here to tell you that I was “blessed” with a stroke when I was 46 years old. I know you’re probably wondering how a stroke could ever seem like a blessing. The stroke, actually two strokes in succession, that nearly took my life several years ago actually worked in my favor. I gained a new perspective. I was reminded of what is truly important. I was strengthened by faith in ways that I might not have believed possible before.

A Stroke of Faith, is my new book that you’ll be able to read soon and it will share the details of my experience. Through the blog, I hope to help you if you ever have a stroke yourself or if you care for someone who is a stroke victim. I’ll share some of the things I learned through my process of recovery and even things my wife, Brenda, and I learned as she cared for me.

Along with that, I want to share with you about my life now. I want to tell you what motivates and inspires me. After the stroke, when I finally woke up four weeks later in the hospital, I was shaken to learn what had happened to me. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to make the effort it would take to do the work to heal and get better. I wasn’t sure until I recalled something my mother had told me years before. She said, “God never gives you more than you can handle.”

Well, I wasn’t so sure I could handle this, but I hadn’t recalled those words until that very moment and they began to shine a light on what I needed to do. That’s why I am writing this blog, to help you understand how to deal with a stroke, to remind you that you can depend on your faith, and to offer ideas about how you too can make a difference in the world.

What I know for sure is that God cares about each one of us and when we accept His love and surrender to His will, He can do amazing things. We won’t always talk about matters of faith here, but we’ll always trust that God won’t give any of us more than we can handle. I look forward to our time together.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
~ Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV)

Be blessed today!
Mark Moore

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