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You! Why Not You?

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Sometimes we imagine that things that happen to other people, can’t really happen to us.  We think we’ve outsmarted life in some way. We’ve found the secret to side-stepping chronic illness, or protecting our marriage from any notion of divorce, or making sure our kids are successful. We think all of that, until the day we discover the hard way, that it’s a fantasy.  Difficult things happen to everybody!  Anybody can have a chronic illness.  You and I can have a stroke. We can have marriage issues and our kids may suffer some devastating setbacks.  Trials of life happen to us all.

Personally, I’ve changed my mind about that fantasy thinking.  After having my strokes, I have discovered that God may just say, “You! Why Not You?” Beyond illness though, I now hear that question in a new way.  When I wonder how God could possibly use me to further His kingdom work, or to spread His message, I now say, “Yes, me! Why not me?”

We each must decide how we will answer God’s call. You don’t have to have a stroke or a severe illness, or go through the pain of divorce or your child getting into trouble, for you to seek His voice. You can turn to Him anytime and ask what it is He wants from you.  Where does He want your life to go from here?

As we celebrate Easter, we realize that Jesus did exactly what His Father asked Him to do.  If you’re wondering how you could be useful to God’s work, you might want to rethink God’s call on your life.  After all, He may well be looking straight at you and saying, “You!  Why not you? How will you help be my hands and feet?”

My friends, we survive strokes and relationship issues, and troubles with our kids or any other life trial for one reason, so that we can grow stronger in our faith and become more of what God called us to be.

If you’re having trouble imagining that God can use your help, simply step in front of a mirror and say, “You! Why not you?”  God has a big plan and purpose for you and He’s calling right now!

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.”

Matthew 16:24, NKJV

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