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What? Me Worry?

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We all worry, don’t we? When you’ve gone through a critical illness and you’re working to get better, worry comes right along with the rest of your progress.  On the good news side, if you can worry, it probably means you’re healing.  After all, you don’t have time to worry at the beginning of your illness.

Worries bombard you. They cloud your thinking and they are hard to keep away.  You worry about whether you’re healing fast enough, or whether you’ll heal enough to get back to your old sense of normal.  You worry about what happens if you don’t heal. You worry about how your family is doing and if they will hang in there with you while you get yourself back together. Worry goes on and on.

Worry clearly means your energy and focus are in one place. It’s all about you! It’s all about whether you have the strength or the ability or the attitude or whatever it takes to heal in due time.  The problem is that it is not productive.  As the Bible reminds us, you can’t add one more hour to your life by worrying.

God tells you not to worry. Your friends tell you not to worry.  It sounds simple, but it’s hard to do.  How about this? Every time a thought comes through your mind that causes you to worry, you have a choice. You can worry, or you can pray. Since God is literally the only One who can truly help you with everything that is on your mind, then He’s the choice to make.  I won’t try to tell you that I don’t worry, but I will say that I’m a lot quicker these days about taking my concerns to God.  He’s willing to have every worry you can imagine placed right at His feet.  Take worry off your list of things to do today.

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? 

Matthew 6:34, NIV

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