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The New Normal

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Most of us like to define “normal” for ourselves.  For example, we might say that it’s normal for us to get four hours of sleep each night, or it’s normal to work twelve hours a day.  We set the pattern and that’s what seems “normal” to us. 

When I suffered two strokes and had to work hard to recover, I discovered that what I once thought was normal, was not ever going to be normal again.  I had to be comfortable with what I call “the new normal.”  I knew that I would never feel quite the same as I drove the car because my peripheral vision was altered. I knew that I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee the same way I used to, or even manipulate a knife and fork with the same dexterity I once had. There was a new normal.

I realized something else too.  Before the stroke, I had a once a week, dinner prayer kind of life with God.  It seemed okay.  It was my normal approach to matters of faith.  After the stroke, I learned that it was not ever going to be normal again for me to live a day without acknowledging God.  I was not going to be a once a week church goer and a meal time prayer person.  My new normal was to rise with God each morning full of gratitude for all He had done in my life, and to do all I could to shine His light for other people as well.  My faith grew and that faith became my new normal.

When you have a daily walk with God, it is normal for you to talk with Him, listen to Him, and thank Him for all you have and all you are. I invite you today to consider the idea that sometimes God delivers you from an old definition of normal, so that He can help you discover a new normal.  Your new normal and mine are wrapped up in Him. How amazing it is to realize that His presence in your life gives you a greater sense that all is well; that all is normal once again. 

Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.

Ephesians 3:12 NLT

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