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The Hope of Resurrection

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As we move into the beauty of springtime and the joy of our Easter celebration, I can’t help thinking about what it means to any of us that Jesus was born, died, came back to life and then went back to heaven all for our sakes.  It’s such an amazing story of God’s love for us and all He asks in return is that we simply accept His most gracious gift.

After my strokes, I was in an induced coma for several weeks.  In that time, I couldn’t really move much or think much or even realize the extent of my illness. I just knew that the old me had somehow been changed and all I could do was hope a new me would come forward.  I had to hope there would be a feeling of resurrection and that my whole body would somehow come alive again. 

It took time and it took a lot of prayer.  It took more faith than I ever knew I even had and it took the faith of everyone around me besides.  God knew what I needed and in His perfect timing, He helped me to become whole again. He helped me to become a new man.

I think the message of Easter is something like that.  It says that with faith and a changed heart we can become new. We can let go of all the things that don’t make much difference in this world and allow God to bring about an amazing transformation.  It’s all possible because that’s how God acts on our behalf.  God gives us the hope of resurrection and He does that every day we do our best to follow Jesus.

You may be just waking up to your new life, the newest version of who God wants you to be.  If you are, just keep in mind that because of the work Jesus did and because of His resurrection, you have hope every single day.  Things will get better all because He lives!

Have a blessed Easter, my friends! 

Don’t be afraid. You came seeking Jesus of Nazareth, the One who was crucified.  He is gone. He has risen.

Mark 16:6, The Voice

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