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The “Fix-it” Guy

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As we grow from childhood to be mature adults, we adopt modes of behavior that others come to expect from us.  We may be the answer man or the listening friend or the problem solver, or something else.  I was the “Fix-it “guy.  I was the one my family and friends depended on to clear things up, clean up the messes, and make everything seem right again.

After my stroke experiences, though, I quickly realized that I could not simply “fix” THIS.  I could not suddenly put everything back the way it was.  I was broken and I needed help from others to fix my very life. It was scary and I confess that I was not particularly happy about this new revelation.  I couldn’t imagine what God had in mind since I was quite sure everyone else depended on me, everyone else needed me to “fix” things for them. 

You may struggle with this too.  After all, if you’re the one who is the primary wage earner or the one who everyone else goes to when life falls apart, you know how awkward it feels to simply be unable to take care of things.  Today, I’d like to have you consider this idea.  If you stop trying to fix everything, you may give others room to step up and shine.  You may give God the room He needs to work in your life because you intentionally put Him first. 

I admit that I thought being the “Fix-it” guy was my calling in life, but now I see my real calling is simply to fix my eyes on God and He’ll help me do the things that are important for me to do for others.  The One who created you in the first place can mend all that is broken.  Give Him all the pieces of your life and He’ll put everything back together in ways you never imagined possible.  Trust me, there’s nothing He can’t fix!

The Lord nurses them when they are sick and restores them to health.

Psalm 41:3, NLT

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