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That’s Impossible

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Not long ago I was speaking with a stroke support group.  I shared my stories of the two strokes that put me into an induced coma for several weeks and then the work that was required when I woke up and had to start the recovery process. I mentioned that I was pleased that I went from bed-ridden to a walker in six months and that six months after that, I ran a 5K race. 

A woman in the group, questioned me emphatically and said, “That’s impossible!”

As I pondered her comment, I had only one response.  “Yes, that is impossible for me, but it’s not impossible for God!”  God is the creator of possibility, the One who knows us so well that He personally walks with us in the efforts we make to recover from illness or heartbreak, or job loss, or anything else that wounds us.  He knows we’re fragile and that we can’t do it alone.

I didn’t recover from a stroke by myself!  I had God’s help and my wife Brendaa’s help, and the help of friends and doctors and specialists who combined to get me where I needed to go.  I had to surrender to all of them, especially to God so that recovery could happen.  It wasn’t easy, but it was possible.

Whatever step you’re on in a recovery process, ask yourself this question.  “Is anything too hard for God?”  Can God change the direction of my life, heal my body and my mind and make me whole again?  Of course, He can!

Today, I simply want to remind you of this one thing.  You’re right if you say to yourself, “It’s impossible for ME to do this.”  What’s not possible for you has to be put at the feet of the only One who can change things and I’m here to tell you, He does change things.  Nothing is impossible with God!

Whenever you’re tempted to give up, or if you’re feeling stuck, remind yourself that God knows your situation, that He cares for you, and that He is there to help you every step of the way.  He’s the possibility maker!

Then the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah, saying, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?”

Jeremiah 32:26-27 NKJV

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