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Thanks for the Storm

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I know some of you are probably wondering why I would even suggest that we can be thankful for the storms in our lives, because after all, storms usually bring chaos.

When I first suffered strokes back in 2007, I can’t say that I felt immediately grateful.  In fact, I wasn’t sure what life would even be like from that point on.  Little by little though, God helped me understand some things I want to share with you.

God helped me see that one of the benefits of storms is that they can actually lead us in new directions.  After they clear up, they can clean out some of our old ways of thinking and help us gain a new perspective.  My stroke experiences helped me to truly understand the Scripture that reminds us to give thanks in all circumstances.  It doesn’t say give thanks FOR all circumstances, but it does say IN all circumstances.

I confess that at first I didn’t like my new circumstances.  I am sure I didn’t feel grateful about them.  But the more I allowed Jesus to come close to me, and the more I began to thank Him for walking with me, the more I could see the gift that comes from a storm.  I could recognize His hand at work in my life as He lead me through the storm to a new kind of peace.

You may not be at the place where you can give thanks for your current set of circumstances.  You may still be in the midst of the storm, but I promise you that if you hold on and by that, I mean hold on to the hand of Jesus, you will move through that storm and on to a place that renews your sense of joy. 

Trust me, God will clear the skies around you and give you plenty of reasons to have a heart of thanks.  Thank Him for where you are right now and where He will take you with each tomorrow.

Give thanks to the Lord and pray to him.
Tell the nations what he has done.
Sing to him; sing praises to him.
Tell about all his miracles.
Be glad that you are his;
let those who seek the Lord be happy.

Psalm 105: 1-3, NCV

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