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Only God

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Sometimes it takes a crisis before we truly recognize the things that are important, that is the ones that God knows are important for us.  Before I had two strokes, I was confident in the direction of my life.  I knew what it was like to graduate from college, get married and raise a family, and to have my business endeavors hit the mark I intended.  Life was good.

Life was good, but God knew it was meant to be great.  He knew that I’d keep going just as I was unless He guided my steps in a new way.  He didn’t give me a stroke to make His point, but He allowed the stroke to happen and He guided my reaction to it. He offered me some new ways of thinking.  I started to see a difference between what I thought was important and what really mattered.

For example, I once thought that having a good education mattered.  I thought that having a good marriage and raising my kids mattered.  I thought that becoming successful in the companies I ran, mattered. Of course, all these things matter to me very much, but I can tell you without a doubt, that after I had a stroke I realized that not one of those things could make a significant difference. My education could not change my health circumstance.  My marriage could not change the amount of work I would have to do to walk again. My success in business was not going to buy me more time or a better opportunity to heal. Only God could make the difference. Only God mattered.

I encourage you to not wait until you have a health crisis or some other threatening concern before you stop everything and surrender. Surrender to the One who can make a difference every day.  Only God knows what you need and where He wants your life to go.  Education, business, and success are all good, but only God really matters. Only God can provide everything you need to recover and grow strong in Him.

You are great and you do miracles. Only you are God.

Psalm 86:10, NCV

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