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On the Way to Mother’s Day

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To be honest, I will never approach Mother’s Day again without remembering what happened to me that day in May of 2007 as my son and I searched for Mother’s Day cards in the Hallmark store.  It seemed like just another day until my head started pounding and my knees grew weak.  I went outside, hoping I wouldn’t just fall over as I waited for my son to finish up in the store.  As the stroke was coming on, I simply had no choice but to give in to it.

Now, on my tenth anniversary of that experience, I am awed by what God has done. I can see His hand in nearly every event that happened to me from that moment on.  There was not one second that I wasn’t literally in His care and keeping and even though I didn’t always know it then, I know it now.  I say this to remind you that if you’re going through this crisis now, if a stroke has happened to you, God is with you.

As everything shifted and began to spin out of control that day, I knew that my life was changing.  At that point, I didn’t realize how much it would change and all the work it would take to come back to what I like to think of as “living a normal life.”  Of course, one of the results of my stroke of faith is that God had a new normal in mind for me and He was ready for me to take it on.

So every year, I celebrate Mother’s Day, and I celebrate the fact that God has given me back my life after suffering two strokes. I also celebrate that I am no longer in control and there’s something very satisfying about that.  It means that I can depend on God, put everything I want to be or hope to be in His hands and surrender to the steps He will have me take.  Believe me, that’s what peace is all about.

For all the wonderful mothers out there, I say “God bless you every day.” For all of you who may be working your way through a health crisis, I say, “Give God a chance to help you so you can rest in His care today and always.

Protect me, God,
because I trust in you.
I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord.
Every good thing I have comes from you.”

Psalm 16:1-2, NCV

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