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May 12, 2022

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As my alarm clock went off at 5am this morning, I reached across my bed and with my left arm turned it off. I then, begrudgingly, sat up in my bed and reluctantly moved my legs onto the bedroom floor. I proceeded to walk in the bathroom, brush my teeth, shave my face, and jump into the shower. After completing my shower, I walked into our bedroom closet and put on my pants, my belt, and my shirt. Buttoned up my shirt and I walked downstairs. I walked into the garage, got into my car, and drove to work.

As you read the description above you are probably saying Mark what is the big deal about that. And on the surface, you are correct, but if you look deeper, it is quite extraordinary.

It was 15 years ago today, that I suffered my stroke. At the time I couldn’t use my left arm, couldn’t sit myself up, couldn’t walk, couldn’t brush my teeth, couldn’t shave, or shower myself. I was incapable of dressing myself and driving was something I didn’t even think about.

I am so thankful, just to be alive today but also to be able to live a quality life.

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