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Moving from the World to The Word

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People often ask me what changes have happened in my life as a result of having a stroke when I was 46 years old.  A number of significant things have changed since my stroke and recovery. One of those is that I have removed the letter “L” from the word WORLD where I was living, and I now see the WORD as the most important part of my life.

Prior to the stroke, I lived just fine in the world. I worked hard, went to church on Sundays and raised a family.  I was content and thought the world and I were getting along just fine.

After the stroke, I developed a new hunger for God.  I wanted to know Him in ways that I had not really thought about trying to know Him before.  That meant I had to step back from the world and get into the Word.  If you note the spelling of those two ideas, “world” and “word,” you’ll see that the literal difference between them is about the letter “L”.

I started to think more intently about “L” words that I had only given a passing nod to before.   “L” was the beginning of words like love and life and listen.  If I wanted to understand more about those three things, then I had to get back into the Word.  I had to seek God with my whole heart and thank Him for my life and listen for His voice to keep me strong and safe.  I had to turn to Him with love and let the world go by on its own.

Having a stroke changed me. It changed my life purpose and helped me realize that my life is about love, and love is about listening to what God would have me do. Your life is about those things too. The world cannot give us what we need; only the WORD can do that.  Let’s stand together, not as stroke survivors, but as people seeking the Word of God!


I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
and in his word I put my hope.

Psalm 130:5,  NIV  


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