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It’s Okay to Move More Slowly

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Most of us move at a pretty fast pace. We don’t think we have time to waste, so we’re irritated when we get caught in a traffic jam, or when we get behind someone at the grocery store with a handful of coupons. We imagine that what we are doing is so important we simply have to go, go, go to get it all done.

I will confess that before my strokes, I was that kind of guy. I was moving, moving, moving to accomplish my goals because I thought a lot of what was happening in my business depended on me. I had to be there. I had to get it done.

The fact is that I have had to learn a new word since my illness. It’s the word “slow”, as in, “slow down.” In my case to slow down simply means that my brain must find a new route to what I want to say. It may take a nanosecond longer than the way I used to say things, but I still get there. It means that I listen more intently. It doesn’t mean someone else has to speak more slowly; I just have to process it a bit differently than I once did. I get there all the same.

God has taught me through all of this that it’s okay to move more slowly, to be deliberate and intentional. In fact, I have learned that I make fewer mistakes. I don’t run everywhere I go and end up on the edge of burn out. I allow my brain to process information, consider it well, and then speak. I even give God an opportunity to offer me insight or inspiration, things I sometimes missed before.

I suspect God smiles at this notion because He knows most of us could benefit more from His counsel if we would just slow down, maybe even enough to hear His voice. Today, just give yourself permission to move a little more slowly, with patient and intentional joy.

Come near to God, and God will come near to you.
John 4:8, NCV

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