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It’s Correct, But It’s Not Right!

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Many of us go through life doing things in a good way, a way that we assume to be correct.  Before my stroke, I would say that I was a person who aspired to do things correctly; after all I was a numbers guy, a CPA, and that meant making sure things were done correctly and by the book.

After the stroke, I began a new life journey and I started to question everything I had been doing.  I happened to hear a speaker at that time and he told us a story.  He said he knew a guy who hailed a cab in New York.  He didn’t have far to go, so the ride was short and the fare was only two dollars.  The guy handed the driver three dollars.  As the man stood on the curb waiting for his receipt, the driver still put out his hand.  “Wasn’t that the correct amount?” the guy asked.  The cab driver responded, “It’s correct, but it’s not right!”

Hearing that story made me question myself.  What was I doing correctly, that was still not right?  I was doing my best to live in the world correctly, but I was ignoring God and I was ignoring the Word. I may have been correct, but I wasn’t right.  God was blessing my life, but I was forgetting Him.  I was forgetting to thank Him for all I accomplished, and to seek advice and direction through the Word to understand my real purpose.

The ways of the world may go well for you and you may even be handling them correctly.  However, I invite you to ask yourself if you’re correct or if you’re right.  If you’re in the Word, then you’ve discovered the ways to balance what happens in the world with what happens when you’re in the hands of God.

Let’s work together to get it right; let’s agree to get back to the Word!


Jesus answered, “You don’t understand, because you don’t know what the Scriptures say, and you don’t know about the power of God.

Matthew 22:29 NCV


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