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Family, Friends, Faith and You!

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One thing I tell everybody is that you can’t recover from a stroke, or any debilitating illness without the help of your family, your friends, and your faith. It can take days, weeks, or months to see any real change in the things you are able to do physically. That means that mentally and emotionally you have to lean on the things that boost your morale and make a difference in your attitude. When it comes to the kind of help your family, friends, and faith can make in your recovery, it all depends on YOU!

I say it depends on you because you are the only one that can let others in to help make a difference. Your spouse can come to your aid every day and cheer you on and encourage you, but it won’t do any good unless you’re willing to receive it. I can admit that there were times when I didn’t really let my wife, Brenda in. I was scared and I didn’t want her to know it. I didn’t want to have to tell her that I didn’t think I could do what it took to recover. She had known me as a guy who was a go-getter, someone who rose to the occasion to get things done. After the stroke though, I didn’t always believe that I had that same courage.
Friends stood beside me as well and helped me get the message that a lot of people cared and were rooting for me. They wanted me to get better and to become the old Mark again.
Well, I couldn’t have recovered as quickly as I did without my wife, my family and my friends. I also couldn’t have made it without that deep sense that God was with me. He knew my situation and He was going to stick with me through every step I had to take. When I was weak, I held on to His strength for dear life.
You can make a difference in your own recovery. You simply have to embrace the help of your family and friends. You also have to put your trust and your healing into God’s hands. I’m convinced that recovery from your stroke is a process and your greatest allies are your family, your friends, and your faith.
Stay strong!

“Your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”
Mark 5:34, NIV

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