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Defining Moments

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Most of us experience life through twists and turns.  We reach milestones. We grow and learn, graduate from one form of education to another and ultimately are on our way to creating our life purpose.  Sometimes it works well by the systems we put in place ourselves.  Other times, we are met with obstacles, turning points, and moments that redefine everything we thought we knew.

The stroke I had in 2007 was one of those moments for me.  Up until that experience, I was pretty content with my life.  I had everything in order.  I had a good family, I worked six days a week and I spent time with God on Sundays. It seemed like a good formula for making life work.  After all, I’m a business guy with a finance background and I like things to work through formulas.

The stroke was not in my formula though. The stroke was a jolt.  It stopped me in my tracks and it made me look at life with new eyes.  It made me desire something more important. I wanted to know God’s purpose for me in a way that I never considered to that point.

Suddenly, I wanted to fill the void I had created, the one that left God out of my plans except for Sundays. I wanted God to be 24/7 and I wanted to be “Mark on the move!”  I wanted to move with a new purpose and intention and I wanted God to run the best formula for me He could devise.

You have defining moments in your life too.  I hope and pray for you that you don’t have to be defined by a stroke.  Seek God today to discover what He has in mind for you.  It may be one of the healthiest choices you’ll ever make.  May He fulfill His purposes in you!


My purpose in writing is to encourage you and assure you that what you are experiencing is truly part of God’s grace for you. Stand firm in this grace.

I Peter 5:12, NLT

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