Mark Moore survived two strokes, and with the help of friends, family, and faith, moved forward in his life.

The life-saving surgery Mark had is called a craniotomy. This procedure is done to relieve pressure caused by blood collecting the brain due to a traumatic brain injury. Although Mark had enjoyed a weekly basketball game and coached his son’s baseball team, those days of playing either game were over. A head injury could kill him.

Luckily, Mark was visited shortly after the strokes, by his childhood friend, Len. When Mark mentioned how sad he felt about not being able to enjoy basketball or baseball, Len, who had run many marathons, suggested Mark take up running. Mark was not a runner, and never ran before, but he was ready for the challenge. Against the advice of his doctors and therapists, Mark began to train for a 5K marathon. A year after surviving the strokes Mark crossed the finish line. Mark still runs three miles, three times a week.

Today Mark, and his wife, Brenda, spend much of their time helping others. They do everything from visiting stroke survivors to volunteering their time and finances to continue the work of many good causes.

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How did you overcome a serious challenge to your physical abilities? Were your physical challenges brought about by illness or injury? Did you have a partner to help you heal? Who or what inspires/inspired you to take that painful journey toward wellness?


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