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A Stroke Survivor’s Gratitude List

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There’s something about surviving a crisis of health, especially when it blindsides you, that reminds you that you have no real control over your life. That  lack of control, that sense that you survived something that others didn’t, can also make  you grateful.  As a stroke survivor, I suspect you know exactly what I mean.  You may still be in recovery mode, and most of us will be in recovery for the rest of our lives, but I feel confident that whatever progress you still need to make, you have a very real sense of graitude about it.

As I think about the things I am most grateful about, it strikes me that my list is much different now than it might have been before my stroke occurred.  I’m not sure I would have realized how wonderful it really is to be able to walk up a set of stairs and not have to sit down on each step to go up or down.  I might not have noticed how much I enjoy the taste of the foods I eat, because for a while after my stroke, I couldn’t detect the flavor of anything.  I give God thanks and praise that I can tie my shoes and talk out loud, or that I can drive the car, or hug my wife.  These are the little things that I once just assumed were available to me, but I now understand are as much gifts from God as anything else.

I am eternally grateful for all that God has done to restore me to what is now a new normal, and a new opportunity for me to give Him thanks and praise. When I hold my grandbaby, I am blessed with tears of joy just knowing I get to look upon her face and hold her securely in my arms.  I’m sure you would agree, that our gratitude lists could go on and on.  Let’s give God the glory for all those little things that give us peace and joy today.

Give thanks to the Lord and pray to him. Tell the nations what he has done.

            Psalm 105:1, NCV

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