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A Stroke of Faith

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It seems that nearly every circumstance of life comes with a challenge and an opportunity. Certainly, having a stroke comes with multiple challenges. I don’t intend to diminish those challenges in any way, but like all issues of life, we might also discover opportunities. We might find that we have new eyes to see what God is doing in our lives.

I know that for myself, each step of my stroke recovery brought a mixture of trials and possibility. Sometimes the challenges were daunting; they were too big for me and they brought fear to my heart. Other times, God opened my eyes to make me aware of an opportunity that never would have presented itself before my strokes.

My book, A Stroke of Faith, is one of those opportunities. I never imagined writing a book, certainly not one that would feel so personal. I’ve always lived a quiet life and kept personal matters to myself, but this book challenged my thinking. This book asked me to consider sharing my story so that others might be encouraged after having a stroke or that someone they love might gain strength through its pages.

I don’t mind telling you that I had to surrender the whole idea to God. I had to be willing to be exposed to the world in a way that shared my vulnerability and my fears, and that communicated my perseverance and my victories. I had to see this book as an opportunity to help others.

If you read the book, I hope it blesses you or that it blesses someone you love. I hope that it reminds you that God is ever-present, ever-available to you every step of the way. Though you may have days that seem too difficult for you to handle, just remember that you do not handle one moment all alone. You and God together are a mighty force to be reckoned with and He will never leave you. As you face the challenges all around you today, may the light of possibility also make itself known to you. May you see opportunities knock on your door waiting for you to let them in.

May many blessings be yours today.

Jesus answered, “The things impossible for people are possible for God.”
Luke 18:27, NCV

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