Mark on the Move

What’s New for You this New Year?

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Here we are, it’s the first week of the New Year and there can’t be a better time than this to seek some inspiring challenges and opportunities. Maybe the place to start is to do everything you can to get out of your comfort zone? Oh, I can hear some of you saying, “Mark, you […]

Not so Ordinary People

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As we celebrate the Christmas Season, I can’t help thinking about the way God chooses to use the most ordinary people to get his work done. He could go about gathering the heads of state in various countries, or the great theologians or the big-time business people. He could walk down Wall Street and trust […]

You, Too, Can Prepare the Way!

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Perhaps you remember the story of John the Baptist. He was on a mission. He was always poised to let people know that God was at work and it was time for everyone to help prepare for His Messiah. Some people probably thought John was a little bit crazy. They may not have had a […]

With a Grateful Heart

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When you’re going through hard times, you want to just keep going. You want to get to a better place and the last thing you can imagine is that you have anything to be grateful for. I know because during the recovery phase from my strokes, I wondered if it was even worth all the […]

Being in God’s Will

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Do you remember when you first chose to surrender your life to God? You both celebrated the event with great joy. God immediately wrote your name in His book so He could make sure that you would inherit all that He has. He put you in His will. The good news is that you will […]