Mark on the Move

Walk, Don’t Race, with God!

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Most of us are busy. In fact, we’re often so busy that it feels like we are racing from one thing to the next. How do we fit it all in, or get it all done, if we don’t run around like crazy? Whether we really have to run everywhere is debatable, but ever since […]

Comfortable Faith

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I’m always amazed that there are people in the world who can do incredible things. They seem to enjoy doing skydiving or mountain climbing, or even speaking in front of a group. They not only do those things, but they are totally comfortable doing them. Other people have jobs that come with great responsibility. They […]

Waving a White Flag

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In the game of life, we strive to be winners. After all, we want to be on top, be recognized for our achievements and take home the trophies. The problem is that sometimes we simply can’t win. We must choose to surrender. We have to wave the white flag and give up. Learning to surrender […]