Mark on the Move

Another Interview with Myself

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In an earlier blog post, I suggested that you ask yourself questions to see how you may think differently today than you did when you first had a stroke or some other health crisis. Many things have changed for me since my strokes in 2007 and I’m sure many things have changed for you as […]

One Step at a Time

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Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to get out and speak to audiences around the country on behalf of the American Heart Association and to help promote stroke awareness. Since having my own strokes in 2007, I’ve learned that no matter what we’re doing it’s truly best if we take it “one step at […]

Living in Hope

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It’s interesting to me to note that after a physical event like a stroke, your body and your mind have only one goal, and that is to recover. You want to mend as quickly as you can and get back to what feels normal to you. Your desire to heal and to fully recover is […]

Is Anybody Listening?

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Most of us enjoy a good conversation. We exchange ideas with another person and we take turns being the talker and being the listener. It satisfies something deep inside of us to know that we have communicated and connected with someone else. Sometimes though, when it comes to prayer, it feels like a one-way conversation. […]