Mark on the Move

No Ordinary People

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When critical events bring change into our lives, they do so in every arena. If you have strokes or other major health issues, that event effects your body in every way. The thing I learned was that my body had to work hard to recover and I had to be willing to work on it […]

The Truth about Quitting

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You’ve been trying hard. You’ve been doing everything the doctors and the therapists have told you to do. You still can’t dress yourself or do the simple things without help. You wonder if all this effort is even worth it. After all, this is hard and you didn’t sign up for life to be hard. […]

The “Fix-it” Guy

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As we grow from childhood to be mature adults, we adopt modes of behavior that others come to expect from us. We may be the answer man or the listening friend or the problem solver, or something else. I was the “Fix-it “guy. I was the one my family and friends depended on to clear […]

Letting Go of the Old You

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One of the effects of having strokes or any health crisis is that you quickly realize that the “old” you is gone. It’s a little strange to wake up, in my case, after several weeks in a coma, only to discover I was no longer the Mark I had been before. At first, I grieved […]