Mark on the Move

The Day I Learned to Tie My Shoes

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A lot of us look at life as an opportunity to reach certain levels of achievement. We work hard and hope to be successful and we think that getting one more promotion or one more degree is a mark of our own sweat and accomplishment. I thought that myself before I had a stroke. However, […]

Wake Up Calls

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Sometimes life scares us. We may narrowly miss being in a car accident and feel grateful that we didn’t get sideswiped or injured. We may pay a visit to our doctor for some minor problem only to discover we’re in the early stages of something that could be life threatening. We’re grateful we didn’t wait […]

Gains and Losses

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I am a numbers guy! I know how to create spreadsheets that tabulate gains and losses. I know how to balance the budget and save for the future. After all, I’ve been trained to do those things and I’ve managed to do them quite well. The thing is, there isn’t much about that kind of […]

When You Haven’t Got a Prayer!

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Most of us don’t plan to find ourselves in the midst of a crisis, especially when we’re still young and strong and healthy. We imagine that things like strokes happen to other people, older people. It doesn’t even cross our minds that we should worry about our health; at least that’s what I thought at […]

It’s 2019! Time to Trust God More than Ever!

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This past year when I was speaking to a church group, someone asked me what my biggest challenge was as I worked to recover from my two strokes. They wondered if it was harder for me to learn to walk again, or to speak confidently, or to simply feed myself or drink some water. At […]