Mark on the Move

Making Hard Choices

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You have to make a lot of choices as you go through life.  When you were a kid, they seemed relatively easy or at least you were aware of the consequences of your choices.  You could choose to stay out after curfew, but you knew that would not go well with your dad.  You could […]

Moving from the World to The Word

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People often ask me what changes have happened in my life as a result of having a stroke when I was 46 years old.  A number of significant things have changed since my stroke and recovery. One of those is that I have removed the letter “L” from the word WORLD where I was living, […]

Surrender or Give Up! It’s a Big Difference!

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Some words are easy to define.  You relate to them from your personal experience.  When you talk about “love” for instance, you might define it differently than someone else, but love is a word that makes you feel good and when you use it people understand what you’re trying to say. Today, I want to […]