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Storms of Adversity

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  I guess none of us would ask God to give us a storm, wreak havoc on our lives and cause us to have to change.  We wouldn’t ask for that, but when it happens, it brings an opportunity we might never have imagined.  We get to learn a lot more about ourselves, and how […]

What a Difference a Day Makes

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On the eleventh of May in 2007, I was a man driven by my life purpose. That is, I was driven by the idea that I knew what was important and that I had figured life out pretty well. I knew my role was to take care of my family, create growth producing start-up companies […]

That’s Impossible!

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Recently I was speaking with a stroke support group.  I shared my stories of the two strokes that put me into an induced coma for several weeks and then the work that was required when I woke up and had to start the recovery process. I mentioned that I was pleased that I went from […]

Acceptance Brings Hope

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When you have a stroke, or any life-altering illness, everything changes.  Your physical body is not the same and nothing about your life feels “normal.”  You feel drained and you are ushered through a wide range of emotions that move from feeling uncertain to desperate. Eventually with the grace of God, you are able to […]

A Stroke: Good News or Bad News?

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Since having the two strokes that nearly took my life, a number of people have asked me a question.  They want to know if having a stroke was the worst day of my life? Well, that’s a good question.  In fact, it’s an important question because it means I have to look at where my […]