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When You Haven’t Got a Prayer!

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  Most of us don’t plan to find ourselves in the midst of a crisis, especially when we’re still young and strong and healthy.  We imagine that things like strokes happen to other people, older people.  It doesn’t even cross our minds that we should worry about our health; at least that’s what I thought […]

Team Sport

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Not long ago I attended a stroke event and during the meeting someone mentioned the term “team sport”. The mention of that term got me thinking about my stroke journey. It is a very appropriate term to use.  I have mentioned previously that during the first six weeks of my illness I was in a […]

Be Still!

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God wants to speak to us. He wants us to listen for His voice and direction. It helps to simply sit down, quiet our spirits and let God in. He probably has a lot of things to tell us if we would simply just stop everything that distracts us and wait for Him; really listen […]