Mark on the Move


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Alone   Upon awaking from an induced coma, during a month-long hospitalization, I was told I had suffered two strokes with a long and uncertain recovery ahead. My wife, Brenda did everything in her power to comfort and assure me, but even with that there were many days I felt a sense of loneliness. Once […]


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Serenity   As I struggled to recover from my two strokes in 2007 I came to realize that I couldn’t walk, tie my shoes, squeeze a clothes pin, or remember a name after five minutes. A self-described Type A personality, my initial approach was to just put my head down and work as hard as […]

More than Once

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More than Once   I have mentioned previously that after I experienced my strokes in 2007, I was hospitalized for six weeks. When I awoke, my wife explained to me that I had also endured major brain surgery, and I had a long recovery ahead of me. You can probably imagine that when I was […]