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He Is Special

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He Is Special   Recently I was speaking at a book promotion event; and I recalled that back in 2007 after enduring two strokes and major brain surgery, I found myself with significant deficits. After a month in a medically induced coma, I awoke to begin an intense rehabilitation course. I am here today with […]

I Am Not Where I Want To Be

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I am not where I want to be.   A few years ago, while at a church function, I approached a fellow member, and asked how he was doing. Instead of giving me the standard I am fine, he looked at me and said, “I am not where I want to be, but I am […]

The Grace of Love

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My Pastor often remarks that we cannot out-sin God’s grace. It’s a great reminder of the love God has for each of us.  We can fail and fall down, and fail again and He still makes the effort to help us. He wants us to know Him and He doesn’t wait for us to be […]

Did God Give Me a Stroke?

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I was asked on a radio interview recently if I thought God gave me a stroke. It’s a valid question and one that I suspect most of us have wrestled with in the face of a devastating illness.  Your Pastor may have a different opinion about this, but I believe that God does not do […]