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The Elephant in the Room

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You know what it feels like when you socialize again with people you haven’t really seen since your illness began.  You’re a little bit nervous about seeing everyone because you’re still not perfectly healed, but you’ve made a lot of progress. Have you noticed that there appears to be a stigma, an unspoken concern, an […]

What? Me Worry?

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We all worry, don’t we? When you’ve gone through a critical illness and you’re working to get better, worry comes right along with the rest of your progress.  On the good news side, if you can worry, it probably means you’re healing.  After all, you don’t have time to worry at the beginning of your […]

It’s 2018! Time to Trust God More than Ever!

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This past year when I was speaking to a church group, someone asked me what my biggest challenge was as I worked to recover from my two strokes. They wondered if it was harder for me to learn to walk again, or to speak confidently, or to simply feed myself or drink some water. At […]