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With a Grateful Heart

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When you’re going through hard times, you want to just keep going. You want to get to a better place and the last thing you can imagine is that you have anything to be grateful for.  I know because during the recovery phase from my strokes, I wondered if it was even worth all the […]

Being in God’s Will

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Do you remember when you first chose to surrender your life to God? You both celebrated the event with great joy.  God immediately wrote your name in His book so He could make sure that you would inherit all that He has.  He put you in His will. The good news is that you will […]

You Can Be the Messenger!

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I’ve grown up listening to messengers. You probably have too. After all, we looked to the pastor of our churches to be a messenger. Sometimes we could even imagine our mothers as messengers. But when it comes to things of God, before my stroke experience, I would not have thought of myself as a messenger.  […]

Being a Patient, Patient

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When you live in a world of instant gratification– instant news, instant information, instant banking, instant foods of all descriptions, it can start to feel like everything should be easy.  After all, if we’re hooked up to the best Internet server and the right tools, we have access to almost anything and anyone at any […]