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It’s Okay to Be Scared!

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At this time of the year, you’re apt to run into some little ghosts and goblins as they come trick-or-treating at your door or perhaps in the community center near your home.  Of course, your job is to pretend that they are pretty scary so they laugh and play and simply have fun. Whether or […]

Don’t Race, Walk with God!

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Most of us are busy. In fact, we’re often so busy that it feels like we are racing from one thing to the next.  How do we fit it all in, or get it all done, if we don’t run around like crazy? Whether we really have to run everywhere is debatable, but ever since […]

Waving a White Flag

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In the game of life, we strive to be winners.  After all, we want to be on top, be recognized for our achievements and take home the trophies.  The problem is that sometimes we simply can’t win. We must choose to surrender. We have to wave the white flag and give up. Learning to surrender […]

Making Progress!

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A quote I read says, “I may not be who I want to be, and I may not be who I am going to be, but thank God, I am not who I was.” That pretty much describes me and you may find it describes you as well. We are all works in progress and […]

Damaged Goods

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Since my stroke recovery, I’ve been impressed with the value and beauty of life in ways I probably took for granted before.  I recognize that God is in control and that He can bring any of our lives through some pretty amazing twists and turns. I now realize that there’s a gift in a life-threatening […]