Mark on the Move

Whose Job Is It?

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My life has changed! I used to wake up early in the morning, dash to get out the door, and head to the office to make my mark in the world. I had dreams and plans and I would finish each job with satisfaction, and then move on to create even bigger dreams and plans. […]

That’s Impossible!

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Recently I was speaking with a stroke support group.  I shared my stories of the two strokes that put me into an induced coma for several weeks and then the work that was required when I woke up and had to start the recovery process. I mentioned that I was pleased that I went from […]

Moving from the World to the Word

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People often ask me what changes have happened in my life as a result of having a stroke when I was 46 years old.  A number of significant things have changed since my stroke and recovery. One of those is that I have removed the letter “L” from the word WORLD where I was living, […]

Acceptance Brings Hope

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When you have a stroke, or any life-altering illness, everything changes.  Your physical body is not the same and nothing about your life feels “normal.”  You feel drained and you are ushered through a wide range of emotions that move from feeling uncertain to desperate. Eventually with the grace of God, you are able to […]

Faith, Family, Friends and You!

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One thing I tell everybody is that you can’t recover from a stroke, or any debilitating illness without the help of your family, your friends, and your faith. It can take days, weeks, or months to see any real change in the things you are able to do physically.  That means that mentally and emotionally […]