Mark on the Move

Be Still!

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God wants to speak to us. He wants us to listen for His voice and direction. It helps to simply sit down, quiet our spirits and let God in. He probably has a lot of things to tell us if we would simply just stop everything that distracts us and wait for Him; really listen […]

Fast Facts about Strokes

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Since May is National Stroke Awareness month, I thought it would be good to share with you some of the initial symptoms that might help you recognize a stroke has either occurred, or that conditions are right for a stroke to happen. As I learned in my own experience, it helps to be able to […]

Interview with Myself

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Have you ever considered interviewing yourself?  Imagine that the person you are right now could have a talk with the person you were five years ago.   It may sound like a crazy notion, but after my two strokes, I’m here to say my interview answers are a lot different now than they used to be.  […]

My Mother’s Reminder

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Since my stroke story began close to Mother’s Day on May 7, 2007, I wanted to share a story that is close to my heart about my own mother.  I lost my mother when I was a young man in college, but some of the things she taught me never grow old and will be […]